Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 izh hybrid motorcycle

2012 IZH-1 Hybrid bike is equipped with 505 V-twin engine, of which 50% is made of reinforced plastic and heat resistant. It is equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission with clutch available with a backup hydraulic brake system. While the clutch, brake and gas systems with electronic control, which is what hybrid bicycle 2012-1 IZH hold the hybrid motorcycle was equipped with a sleek and aerodynamic. According Chak bike is inspired by the 1929 Soviet IZH-1, but the wheel has several design elements from the wheel of fortune. The engine is capable of producing small Brush 60 kilowatts addition 140hp.In electric motor that is built into the rear edge with a small 2-speed. There is a fuel control system for fuel consumption, along with a unique dual airbag security key that keeps the wheel straight and stable in the case of an engine in the front has collision.The intelligent automatic control system fuel for the best power supply comes mpg.The lithium sulfide (instead of lithium ion batteries) is in the rear of the engine and the combination should be up to 80 mpg.

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